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Yoga 6 Week block

Vinyasa flow 


Vinyasa Flow is a graceful, fluid style of yoga where movement and breath are intrinsically linked. Each asana (posture) moves seamlessly into the next. It is creative, expressive and up-lifting.

'Vinyasa' is a Sanskrit word that translates as 'to place in a special way'. In the Vinyasa Flow practice, careful emphasis is placed on creating a thoughtful sequence of asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises) that enable the practitioner to reach his or her highest potential, by fully preparing the body for the peak, or destination pose.



The moving dynamic of a vinyasa flow class introduces a cardio workout to the existing strength building and muscle lengthening poses.The mindful flowing movement in a vinyasa flow class also introduces a moving meditation aspect to practice, which helps with stress management, anxiety and promotes more restful sleep.




Suitable for all levels, the hatha style of yoga is not dissimilar to vinyasa with regards to the various asana. The main differences are that vinyasa classes involve creating heat in the body through movements that link posture to posture. Whereas with hatha although the body will be building strength, there is a more distinct alignment of mind, body spirit, and it is more suited to beginners as does not require an established level of cardiovascular fitness.  


Yin Yoga


Yin yoga is aimed at working into the fascia surrounding the muscles, and provides a deep intense stretch that can help to heal and aid recovery in tight sore muscles, whilst also furthering the neural pathways that connect the brain with the body. Yin postures are often held up to 5 minutes and are practiced with cold muscles. 

  • Block booking

    Each block is for a 6/12/18 week block of classes.

    The block will start from when you have taken your first class.

    No refunds will be offered should you miss a session.

Length of Block