6 weeks, 1 stone!

Our 6 week course, will not only help you drop that dress size, but will also help with.

Weight Loss



Muscle Strength


Make Friends

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All ladies can drop a dress size in 6 weeks



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Are you bored of the gym, looking for a workout with a difference?

Plodding the miles on the treadmill is not the only way to get in shape!

The ladies classes are a fantastic workout, everyone is glowing!

The moves are all martial arts moves without the formality of being taught in a traditional martial arts class format.

The music is pumping, the atmosphere is upbeat and fun.

Suitable for all levels of fitness.  Not only will you be fitter and stronger and more confident, you will also learn some valuable self defence techniques.

We have an interactive instructor team who will help you every step of the way.

Learn to workout with a purpose!


You will lose 1 stone in 6 weeks if you follow our plan!


6 weeks of classes

2 nights per week


Guided by an expert in every class.

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Get a six week diet and exercise plan to guarantee success.

Suitable for absolute beginners.



We don't focus on fighting, sparring and competition.

We focus on developing your skills.

Highly experienced fully interactive instructor team.

4 wayskickfit benefits yoU


Great way to meet new people and make new friends.


Improves muscle strength without gaining muscle mass.


Gets your heart and lungs pumping.  Can burn upto 6-800 calories an hour.

Mental Health

Really helps to destress, and gives you a great reset!


I don't have any experience?

That's ok, when I first started I din't have any either.  Nor will most of the other people in the room.  We have an experienced team that will work with you every step of the way.  We have male and female instructors in the room at all times who can step in and help you out with techniques and ensure you are getting the maximum out of every session.

Am I fit enough?

Yes, yes you are.  It doesn't matter what level of fitness you currently have, you will be awesome.  We have a real mixutre of people who come to the sessions.  From people who are recovering form an operation, people how havent exercised in years ot people who are looking for a new challenge.  We will make sure you are partnered up with someone of a similar level to you.  We will make sure you get an awesome workout and have lots of fun.

Will I be expected to fight?

No, we are a self defence based martial art across all of our classes.  In our ladies only classes we do pad work, and shield work.  so this is punching and kicking techniques on a shield.  So they're awesome for stress and a zero chance of getting hit!

What will I need to wear?

This is a nice informal class, so just wear something comfy that you can move around in.  Most people wear leggings, trainers and a T Shirt.  Bring a towel and plenty of water!  Oh, and wear your smile at all times.

peak performance 100% unconditional love your workout guarantee!

I am so confident that you will finish our course, having learned some awesome techniques, gained confidence, improved tone and had loads of fun i offer a 100% no quibble money back guarantee.

Even if you attend every class for the full 6 weeks!

We are serious about making our classes fun, enjoyable and inclusive.  so come along for serious fun or get your money back within 7 days!

just email or call me and i will action the refund the same day!

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This is my personal guarantee to you!

man 1

I love kickfitting - I really needed something a bit different as I hate the gym.  So doing exercise that involved a martial art and challenged my usual exercise regime seemed like good fun.  I was RIGHT!  I'm still loving it a year later!

Lucy Power


I’ve been coming to KickFit for almost a year now and have really felt the benefits to my strength, stamina and fitness. I was a bit daunted turning up on the first evening but Paul and Steve were lovely and welcoming, as were the other ladies. I’m not a classic “gym person” and prefer to do activities to get fit rather than a running machine, and have a laugh when I’m doing it, this class is perfect for that. Highly recommended for all levels.


man 4

I spend the 45 minute session laughing and sweating ! The time goes so quickly which keeps me motivated. The team are a great fun and Paul and Steve keep me in check. Give it a try you really won't be disappointed.




Wed and Fri 7:45pm


Tue and Thur 7pm


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